Couch vacuuming
Deep Cleaning

Detailed Cleaning 

Detailed Cleaning
Extra Detailed Deep Cleaning
Inside cabinet cleaning
Occupied cabinets
Inside Cabinets (Empty)
Inside Cabinets (Occupied)
Wall cleaning
Inside window cleaninig services
Window (Inside Only)
Laundry washing
Laundry (Wash Only)
Laundry wash dry and fold
Laundry (Wash & Fold)
Inside closet detail cleaning
Inside Closet (Empty)
Inside occupied closet organizing
Inside Closet (Occupied)
Stove oven cleaning
Empty Fridge Cleaning
Fridge & Freezer (Empty)
Occupied Fridge Cleaning
Fridge & Freezer (Occupied)
Door cleaning
Baseboard cleaning
Ceiling fan cleaning
Ceiling Fan
Outside window cleaning services
Inside/Outside window cleaning
Hand washed dishes
Window (Outside Only)
Window (Inside & Outside)
Dishes (Hand Washed)
Washer and dryier cleaning
Washer & Dryer (Inside)
Window blind cleaning
Window blind shutter cleaning
Blinds Shutters
Garage cleaning
Garage (Empty)
Garage organizing
Garage (Occupied)