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12 Window Cleaning Tips for the Cleanest Windows EVER!

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Surprisingly, the most seemingly simple chores are what we usually get wrong. Case in point, cleaning windows. It may look easy but even the best and professional window cleaners can benefit from getting a refresher course on how to clean windows.

While keeping your windows cleaned may not be like a top priority, they should actually be cleaned at least thrice a year. And what better time to schedule a window cleaning than springtime? You may be busy with accomplishing your spring cleaning checklist, washing your windows should be on top of your list.

Why should you clean your windows?

Protect Indoor Quality

Did you know that the build up in your windows can be detrimental to your health? Part of that build up came from smoke from burning candles, cooking, smoking in the house and even your fireplace. All these smoke film build-up accumulates on your windows and lingers in your home until they are cleaned. Having your windows cleaned helps improve indoor air quality so you don’t inhale residual smoke and you can breathe fresh air.

Window Aesthetics

One of the top reasons a client adds professional window cleaning services when they book their cleaning with LizMarie Cleaning Services is because they are selling their home. Having a clean window enhances its curb appeal and attracts potential buyers. Also, cleaner windows open up spaces making the rooms feel more inviting and spacious. It also enhances your home’s distinctive charm and design, leaving a greater impression on guests.

Let More Light In

Speaking of brighter spaces, clean windows allows more natural light to come into your home. If the surface of your window is not clean, the amount of light that can sift through will be lessened making your home appear darker and dingy.

Window Maintenance

Removing corrosive contaminants from your windows extends their lifespan and will save you money in the long run. Keep the sliding features on your window tracks free of debris and hinges free from dirt to ensure your windows are working correctly.

Protect the Efficiency of your Windows

When cleaned properly by professional window cleaners, your windows will be more efficient. The dirtier your windows are, the lesser the sun is able to penetrate your home through the windows and warm your home. This is particularly important during the winter time since this can actually lower the amount of heating you will need in your home. Oxidation and weathering around window frames can ruin window seals and cause air leaks which will negatively impact your energy consumption.

Now that you know the importance of keeping your windows streak-free, we’ll share some tips so you can get the cleanest windows ever!

1. Two scrubbers are better than one

When cleaning both inside and outside windows, use two scrubbers-one for outside and one for inside- so you don’t carry pollutants and bird excrement inside.

2. Liquid Dish Soap Works Wonders!

One of the most famous dish detergents used in window or any glass cleaning is Dawn though any dish liquid cleans dirt and grease and leaves the window glass slippery so your squeegee glides well. Liquid dish soaps are effective in cleaning windows and other glass surfaces because it has powerful surfactants- or the chemical compounds that reduce the surface tension of a liquid when it’s dissolved in water, also known as the stuff that cuts grease.

3. Vinegar works too

If you are worried about your toddler and pets might put their mouth on your windows or sills, a great alternative will be to use a more natural cleaning solution such as vinegar. We recommend a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Vinegar or acetic acid cuts grease and doesn’t streak which makes it a perfect choice for green cleaning your windows.

4. Magic Eraser Does Magic!

For removing silicone caulks and water stains, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is your perfect partner.

5. Steel Wools are for Tough Stains

If you find yourself needing to remove a tree sap, adhesive residue or any tough stains from your windows, try using grade #0000 steel wool. Lubricate the glass with a spritz of Windex or your trusted window cleaning solution and buff away the stains with a wad of super-fine steel wool.

6. Details Matter

Always carry two detailing rugs-one to be used for dirty jobs like sills and the other for detailing the edges of the glass.

7. If you are washing window screens also, do that before washing the window glass

Don’t do the opposite because you will have to repeat washing the window glass.

8. Use a vacuum to get rid of loose dirt and grime

Make sure to use a soft-bristle attachment when cleaning the window screens so you won't damage or stretch it.

9. Wash Windows When it’s Cloudy

When the sun is shining brightly directly into the windows, it makes them dry very quickly when you wash them which will cause streaks. The best time to wash your windows is when it is cloudy.

10. Don't Forget to Clean the Blinds Too

For plastic or metal blinds, make a 50/50 solution of warm water and white vinegar in a bowl or bucket and add in dishwashing soap and wipe down each slat.

11. Dry Each Window Right After You Wash Them

This is probably one of the most important tips in cleaning your windows. It is easy to wash them, the drying part is when it gets tricky. Make sure to dry your windows right after you wash them to prevent streaks. Use a squeegee to dry the windows quickly, without streaks.

12. Use an old towel to wipe the Squeegee

Don’t be caught empty handed when the inevitable drips start to happen. Be prepared and make sure you have an old towel or lint free cloth available.

For a professionally cleaned windows, it is best to add it on when you book your deep cleaning or extra-detailed deep cleaning service. Send us a quote request or call us at


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