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Post Construction / Post Renovation
Cleaning Services

Our team of cleaners will dust everything off, and wipe everything down. From all surfaces. Sweep, vacuum, and mop. We will take care of the bedroom, bathrooms kitchen, and all common areas.

We will remove as much VISIBLE dust as possible.

Dust off doors and walls to remove MAJOR VISIBLE dust.
We will dust off windows and baseboards.

EXCLUDES all services considered additional services such as; 


Window washing 
Cleaning Baseboards 
Cleaning Doors 
Inside Cabinets 
Inside Fridge 
Inside Oven
Extra Services

Post construction/Post renovation is for removing most visible dust through the entire house 

Chicago's Trusted Maid Service

Leaving Every Surface 100% Dust-free!

✔️ Free quotes with no obligation to commit

✔️ Affordable cleaning rates

✔️ Reliable Service you can count on

✔️ Professionally trained and experienced cleaners

✔️ We bring our own cleaning supplies and equipment 

Post Construction Cleaning

Book Your Post Construction / Post Renovation Cleaning with LizMarie Cleaning Service in Chicago.

To take the responsibility off of your shoulders, book our post construction cleaning/post renovation cleaning service near me in Chicago.

Get in Touch. Call us at (773) 798-2008 or send us your inquiries online for a faster response. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

Schedule your Cleaning Appointment. Book your appointment at your convenience, and we’ll send in our best cleaning professionals to do your post construction cleaning /post renovation cleaning service near me in Chicago.

Execute the cleaning. Efficiency is at the forefront of our work in Chicago, and our team will ensure that we are equipped with the right tools and products before heading to the site. To ensure that your newly renovated/constructed home stays in pristine condition, please let us know if there are special cleaning solutions to use in your home such as your countertops and floors. Our cleaning process is meticulously planned and tailored to each post construction/post renovation job we do in Chicago.

LizMarie Cleaning Services’ Chicago Post Construction / Post Renovation Cleaning Services Process

After your home renovation, properly cleaning your home is a significant process to ensure that the dust from post-construction will be removed, and you can settle in a sparkling clean, and fresh-smelling home.

When all the work is done, you will notice a lot of wood shavings, plaster, dust, and any other pieces after renovation. Our Chicago post construction cleaning checklist includes the following:

Wipe off the walls. This is probably the most important cleaning step that a homeowner must ensure is included in the post-construction cleaning. Most renovation projects usually leave a significant amount of dust on your walls. It can be cleaned using damp cloths to wipe down dust or use a mild cleaning agent that will not damage the wall surface.

Sweep and Mop the Floor. There are a lot of things you can find on the floor after the renovation process in Chicago. Things such as metal sheets, electric cables, wood pieces, etc are usually just lying on the floor and can potentially be dangerous for yourself and your family. We will ensure that these items are collected from the floor by manually collecting them and sweeping the floor thoroughly.

Vacuum Floors and Carpets. Vacuuming the floors after sweeping ensures that it is thoroughly cleaned and dust-free in Chicago. Carpets should be vacuumed at least twice to make sure that the dust is removed and does not catch any types of impurities such as dirt, wood pieces, and any other items from the renovation.

Clean Windows, Doors, and any other Furniture. After renovation in Chicago, windows, doors, and furniture should be wiped down to remove the dust that settled during the renovation process. An important process that should not be missed out too is cleaning the visible dust that is collected outside your air vents.

Clean Bedrooms, Bathrooms, kitchen, and all other places in your home in Chicago. Cleaning your entire home after a major renovation or construction is essential so you can live comfortably. You may just have your kitchen renovated, but the dust that comes with its renovation goes to all other places in your home.

Post-construction/post-renovation cleaning is a type of cleaning service that should not be done single-handedly in Chicago. One single mistake can ruin your newly renovated space. Hiring a professional Chicago post construction cleaning team will be worth every penny and will also save you time. Talk to our customer care team so you can schedule a cleaning appointment with Chicago Post Construction Cleaning Experts.

Chicago Post Construction/Post Renovation Cleaning

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