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LizMarie Cleaning Services

Welcome to LizMarie Cleaning Services

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for choosing LizMarie Cleaning Services! We are extremely happy to serve you, with the utmost professionalism, reliability, and respect.

Since our founding LizMarie Cleaning Services’ mission has been to serve and make the lives of our clients easier. Our talented teams work hard every day to provide the best cleaning service possible. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure that we impress our clients with the most rigid of standards.

We believe each home is unique in its way. For that reason, we customize our services based on your specific needs and provide a tailored-fit cleaning service for each home we service. To ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your services, we have included a service checklist. Please use the appropriate checklist to conduct your final walk-through inspection. If any areas were overlooked or needed extra attention, the issue will be corrected before job completion.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will ensure that all information collected is identified as to what purpose it will be used for. The purposes for which the information is gathered before, after, or at the time of collecting said information. We will not share collected information with anyone outside LizMarie Cleaning Services Staff.  We will only collect and use personal information solely to fulfill the purposes specified by LizMarie Cleaning Services unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law. Also, we will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the said purpose. The personal data we collect is only relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used. 

It is required from our cleaners to take photo evidence of areas in the property that is being serviced, exclusively for reference purposes as part of your cleaning appointment. Some of the photos collected may include appliances that you wish to be cleaned during the said appointment (i.e., oven, fridge, cabinets, ceiling fans, etc.) common areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  The photos taken will solely be for documentation purposes. Some of the photos collected will be uploaded to our social media platforms for promotional purposes only. Rest assured that no personal information will be attached to any photos that are uploaded that may show any personal information that attaches you to it.  If for whatever reason, find yourself to be troubled by any uploaded photos at any given point. DO NOT Hesitate to contact us and inform us of said issue. We will do our best to delete any or all uploaded photos. Please Note that we will NOT Expose any information or specific personal information to be exact or details of your home to any uploaded photos at all.


Our Cancellation Policy

We understand that life emergencies happen and sometimes, it may be unavoidable to have to cancel your cleaning appointment. If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, we ask you to provide a 24-hour notice for such cancellation. This will provide enough time for us to notify our team of cleaners assigned to your appointment and will provide enough time for us to be able to use the newly available open spot for future bookings.

Notices may be given by email, SMS (text), or phone call. Should the Client fail to give a twenty-four (24) hour notice before the appointment to LizMarie Cleaning Services staff via the methods mentioned above,  a cancellation fee of thirty percent (30%) will be applied automatically for said booked appointment.

If you would like to adjust your scheduled appointment. Example: Reschedule (move your cleaning service appointment from one day to a different day. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Simply reach out to LizMarie Cleaning Services staff and together we will do our best to find a time that works for you and our schedule.

We discourage too much shifting of schedules, as a reliable schedule benefits all of us. You, our company, and our teams of cleaners. Keeping a consistent schedule helps cleaners maintain consistent hours and income. This consistency helps us keep the most professional and committed cleaners on staff.


Our Rescheduling Policy

Our goal at LizMarie Cleaning Services is to provide the highest quality services promptly. In order to do promptly so, we need to implement an appointment rescheduling policy to enable us to utilize available appointments for our clients. The following fees will be applied: 15% of the total cleaning fee will be charged if rescheduled 5-6 hours before the cleaning appointment, while 20% of the total cleaning fee should you reschedule 3-4 hours before the cleaning appointment and 30% of the total cleaning fee if the rescheduling request is done 1-2 hours before the appointment.

Our Refund Policy

Please understand that LizMarie Cleaning Services DOES NOT issue any refunds. We believe in fairly resolving the inconvenience that will benefit both, our cleaners, and our clients. In the unfortunate event that you are not satisfied with our services. We will make every effort to resolve said issue. We will re-clean the missed areas to make everything right. Your satisfaction is our priority.

An investigation will be initiated, asking you to provide photo evidence of the area or areas that our cleaners have missed. At the same time, we will contact our cleaners to communicate the issue. Once we have established the claim is valid, we will rectify the problem by going back to re-clean the area or areas where the issue emerged.

Valid Claims/Invalid Claims

Valid Claims

A valid claim is considered when anyone is paying for additional services and said services did not get accomplished.



Fridge & Freezer was added as an extra service, and they did not get cleaned

Inside cabinets were added as an extra service, and they did not get cleaned

The inside Oven was added as an extra service, and it did not get cleaned

Additional Services are as follows:

Inside Oven, Inside Cabinets (Empty) Inside Fridge & Freezer (Empty) Doors, Baseboards, Ceiling Fans, Windows, (Inside Only, Outside Only, Inside and Outside) Walls, Hand Washed Dished, Laundry (Wash Only, Wash and Dry, Wash Dry and Fold)

Please refer to the website for additional information


We ask each team to verify with our clients (if someone is present at home) to ensure that everything has been done properly before leaving the premises. We ask our customers (if someone is present at home) to perform an inspection of the house to ensure everything has been accomplished to their standards. We strongly recommend our customers make the effort to do so. We appreciate your business and look forward to becoming part of your family and cleaning your home soon. 

Invalid Claims

Invalid Claims would be cleaners missing minor or minute details on specific areas. Our team of cleaners works extremely hard to clean all areas of homes and sometimes can be almost impossible not to miss minute details, especially on tight corners of the house. Another factor that aids said issues include people walking in and out of the house after certain areas have been cleaned, or leaving doors or windows open. This can cause for dust or dirt particles to re-enter the home after it has been cleaned. This would be considered an Invalid Claim, if you give us the opportunity, we will do our best on our next appointment and will make sure to pay extra attention to certain areas. Please understand that homes take multiple visits to bring the home back to standards, and with every visit, you will see a huge difference from the first appointment to regular basis maintenance cleaning service. We appreciate your business and look forward to becoming part of your family and cleaning your home soon.

Warmest regards,

Customer Support Team

Lizmarie Cleaning Services

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