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Getting the Carpets Ready for Cleaning

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Carpet Cleaning Chicago Pets

Carpet cleaning is easy when you hire LizMarie Cleaning Services. Various factors must be taken into account if the team is going to function at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We at LizMarie Cleaning Services recommend that the house be completely vacant before we start Carpet Cleaning. What If the home is occupied? Your needs can still be provided.

Before the cleaning team arrives, please take a moment to examine the following checklist.

Clear the Carpeted Area

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Professional carpet cleaners will have an easier time working if they don't have to move furniture around. You can give us a call if you need advice on what to take out of the carpeted rooms. Furniture like couches or sofas, dining room tables, and chairs should be moved out of the carpeted area. No one wants to cause any accidents or break anything during the service.

Organize the Space

To clean your carpet professionally, the cleaners will need to move around your home, using wires and heavy equipment. By clearing the area before carpet cleaners arrive, you'll make their job easier and safer.

Animals are part of the family, and we love them

Before the carpet cleaner arrives, ensure sure your pets are taken care of. Put them opposite the cleaners or from any non-carpeted areas. Please do not let your pets walk on them.

Check the Condition of Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Done

You should perform your checking as well. Before beginning any cleaning process, your carpet cleaners will perform a full inspection. How long the crew needs to stay will be determined by the dimensions of the room and the current condition of the carpets.

You may direct the team's attention to the spot where it is most needed.

After Having Your Carpets Cleaned, Do not walk on the Carpet

If you want to walk on the carpet again, you'll have to wait until it's completely dry. Carpets quickly become filthy again when walked on after being wet. The drying time for the carpet will be significantly increased if you walk on it immediately after having it cleaned.

The carpet will need at least two days to dry out completely. To speed up the process, you can either open a window or turn on a heater.

As soon as the carpet is dry, you can start rearranging the room. It's not recommended to move the furniture on a wet carpet. You may dirty the carpet again and this could lead to an accident.

You can always count on a professional cleaning service business for Carpet Cleaning. Call LizMarie Cleaning Services at (773) 798-2008, or schedule an appointment online.

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