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Professional Cleaning Tips for your Bathroom

Updated: 5 days ago

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Bathrooms are frequently used. It's dirty because of this. In the steamy bathroom sink and shower, soap scum, dust, and water stains thrive. To keep your bathroom a peaceful sanctuary, deep clean it regularly.

1. Create a Strategy

Prioritize your tasks. You can resume where you left off after a break. This checklist helps decide what cleaning tools you'll need.

2. Take everything out of its regular spot.

Take everything out of the tub and/or shower, throw soiled towels and rugs, and clean the counters. Toss expired or unnecessary medicines.

3. Sanitize the garbage can

To eliminate germs and odors, sanitize the garbage can's interior. Brush the container with nylon. Wipe the outside with hot water and a nylon scrubber. Air-dry. Heat will kill mold if it dries in the sun.

4. Dust and sweep

Use a long-handled duster to remove cobwebs from corners, light fixtures, and vents. Sweep or vacuum to eliminate hair and other debris.

5. Clean the floor with a mop

Mop the bathroom floor by soaking, squeezing, and drying the mop. Put a hair trap in the drain to prevent clogs. When a tub or shower doesn't drain properly, a ring forms.

Cleaning process for floor

6. Find the source of mold and mildew's moisture.

Mold and mildew growth in a bathroom is unattractive and unhealthy. A powerful industrial cleaner can't clean the impacted areas. Spray baking soda and vinegar to clean yourself and the environment. In moldy areas, wear a latex mask and gloves.

7. Change surfaces

Towel racks, shelves, baseboards, doors, curtains, and windowsills can be disinfected with an all-purpose cleaner. Move left to right and top to bottom as you work.

8. The shower curtain and liner can be machine-washed unless made of plastic or care instructions say otherwise.

Replace or soak plastic ones in water and vinegar.

9. Window Bathroom

Window cleaning completes any room's aesthetic. Wash the screen. Squeegee windows to clean them. Sills, tracks, and casing can be cleaned with a toothbrush or compressed air. You can vacuum or wipe down blinds and shades. Metal or vinyl blinds can be cleaned by soaking them in warm water, soap, and vinegar, then washing and drying them flat on a towel. Vacuum or wash window coverings.