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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Cleaning Company in Chicago

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

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Choosing the right cleaning company is an important decision; since we want to make sure that we have made the right choice ultimately. We all want the best price, but it is also important to choose a company that is reliable and professional, as well as able to deliver value for money or get the most out of our money. Sorting through websites, getting quotes, and speaking with each provider could take several days, maybe even weeks, to go through. To help ensure you pick the right cleaning professionals to handle your cleaning needs, the following are tips for choosing the best cleaning company:

1. First thing to do is to get as much information as possible. Asking the right questions can help ensure you will hire the right cleaning company and that your needs are met. Know your needs and expectations, and ensure you’re prepared to get all of the essential information about a company. This involves asking questions about the time of day they work, and how many days a week. What price do they charge to fit what works well for you? How much does it cost to have your house or apartment deep cleaned in Chicago? If they have a cleaning checklist, you may want to ask for one so you know that to expect and you know which services are considered as an add-on (cleaning inside the fridge, oven, etc). What are the company's policies on rescheduling a cleaning appointment, cancellation policy, refund policy, and all other important factors?

2. Getting references from those who had first-hand experience in the cleaning service. Knowing what they think of this home cleaning service will make it easier for you to decide if you think you should hire them. This way you are relying on tried-and-tested companies who have successfully worked with others with the same case as you are. If others liked the service, you might want to look into it. If they don’t like it, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

3. Cleaning companies with local offices and headquarters is always a wise decision. This enables you to communicate personally with the company which is important and something we value. The risk of their management being located in another state or area, as well as being difficult to reach will be avoided. Further, In the event, you need a cleaning staff immediately and outside of regularly scheduled maintenance, a local Chicago cleaning company can get a crew out to you much easier and faster.

4. The contract between you and the cleaning company is crucial because it details the exact scope of work. Scrutinize the contract to ensure that no services are missing. Watch out for hidden costs that may be present in the contract. Make sure you are not locked into any services for a predetermined period. Check for a trial period so that you can exercise your right to rescind the contract in case you are unhappy with the service. Your contract should be balanced and should not weigh in favor of either party, so make sure you study it thoroughly to avoid paying for services you don’t want or need.

5. Ask to see their general and workers' compensation certificates, to ensure they hire regular employees instead of cash workers. Standard employees carry insurance against liability and injury if something bad happens while they are working. This insurance protects you as well as the worker.

6. A professional residential cleaning service will perform their tasks while revolving around your schedule. So, might as well ask if the company gives you flexibility. Can they alter their schedule for whatever times you will need their services, including times in the evening after-hours? Your convenience is a priority when working with a reputable cleaning services company in Chicago. That level of flexibility will help save you time and money as well.

7. It is important to take into consideration the process of hiring their employees. You don’t want a company that just hires anyone and you also want to make sure they run background checks on all employees as well. A cleaning company with an extensive training process is always a good thing, as this ensures their employees get the knowledge and develop the skills needed to do a quality job.

8. Ask if they have an established cleaning process. To ensure you are hiring a well-established residential cleaning service that has a history of providing high-grade service. If a company has an established cleaning process, it is more likely that they also have an established reputation for its work.

9. Look into whether or not they provide all the services you need. Have a checklist of all services you need, and use it as a reference when going down lists of all services a cleaning company offers. This will help you rule out any companies that are not going to be able to provide according to your needs.

10. Lastly, a competent home cleaning service understands hygiene; since professional cleaning services do more than clean your carpets and furniture. Take special measures to ensure all areas are disinfected. This will help keep a healthy environment for you and your family.

For one-time cleanings, recurring maid services, move-in/move out cleaning, and deep cleaning services for your Chicago home, you can always count on the most trusted cleaning services in Chicago. Call us at (773) 798-2008 to book your cleaning or get a free quote.

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