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Window Cleaning from LizMarie Cleaning Services


When it comes to keeping your windows clean and sparkling, LizMarie Cleaning Services has got you covered with three simple categories of window cleaning services. Here's a breakdown of what each service entails:

inside window cleaning

When we clean inside windows, we start by removing dust and dirt from the frames and sills. Then, we use soapy water to clean the glass, tackling any grease, fingerprints, stickers, or paint. After that, we use glass cleaner to make the windows shine. It's important to keep the windows clear and easy to reach for our cleaners. We don't open them to clean between them.

Our outside window cleaning starts with washing away dirt, fingerprints, stickers, tape, and paint from your windows. After they dry, we use glass cleaner to make them shiny and streak-free. To help us clean well, make sure nothing blocks our way to the windows and that they open easily from inside. But remember, we don't clean the space between the windows inside and outside.

Inside and out window cleaning

Our service cleans both the outside and inside of your windows completely. We start by dusting the frames and sills carefully. Then, we wash the glass using soap and water to remove any smudges, fingerprints, stickers, or paint. While we try our best to clean between the inside and outside of your windows, some corners might be hard to reach. After everything dries, we apply glass cleaner to make sure there are no more fingerprints, giving your windows a shiny finish. It's important to have clear and easy-to-reach windows for the best results.

With LizMarie Cleaning Services, you can trust us to deliver professional and thorough window cleaning services to keep your home looking its best.

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